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  On August 7, 1991, the ship Vlora, returned from Cuba and arrived at the port of Durazzo, Albania, with 10,000 tons of sugar in stowage. During the unloading process, an enormous crowd of thousands of people unexpectedly assailed the ship and forced the captain to sail to Italy. It was a uncontrollable throng of men, women and children. The central motor broke down, there was no food and no water. Only sugar. As night descended, the captain guided the ship without the use of radar and even avoided a collision.
The next morning, the ship, crowded with 20,000 people arrived in the port of Bari, Italy. To those who saw her approaching, the ship looked like a teeming ant hill, an ill-defined mass of bodies clinging to one another. The docking operations were difficult as some people jumped ship and swam to the dock, while others yelled out in a chorus “Italia, Italia” making the sign of victory with their fingers.
Twenty years have passed since that day. The majority of those who boarded the boat full of sugar were sent back to Albania, although many still attempt the crossing. Today more than 4 and a half million foreigners live in Italy.
Director: Daniele Vicari
Cast: Eva Karafili, Agron Sula, Halim Milaqi, Kledi Kadiu, Robert Budina, Eduart Cota, Alia Ervis, Ali Margjeka, Giuseppe Belviso, Nicola Montano, Domenico Stea, Fortunata Dell’Orzo, Luca Turi, Raffaele Nigro, Maria Brescia, Luigi Roca, Vito Leccese
Year: 2012
Length: 90 min.
Genre: Documentary
Awards: 2 awards
  •Biografilm Lancia Award (Daniele Vicari), Francesco Pasinetti Award-Best Documentary: Venice Film Festival
Showtimes: April 27, 3:00 p.m.
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