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  Toni Servillo
  Busu is an old man who enjoys telling stories.  Seated in the post office, he entertains  customers. Above all, he likes to tell of the adventures and misfortunes of the Ciraulo family. Nicola, the head of the family, recovers scrap metals from abandoned boats along with his old father and son. The grandmother, wife and adored daughter Serenella await them at home.  A tragedy renders Nicola inconsolable, but he suddenly finds hope in the possibility of government compensation for victims of the Mafia. The Ciraulo family tries to imagine what material goods they could buy to satisfy themselves. After the check finally arrives, the family sits around the dinner table and decides how to invest the money. But what they purchase becomes the symbol of arrogance and a violation that the “gods” will punish.
Inspired from the book of the same name by the Sicilian writer Roberto Alajmo.
Director: Daniele Ciprì
Cast: Toni Servillo, Giselda Volodi, Alfredo Castro, Aurora Quattrocchi, Benedetto Raneli, Fabrizio Falco, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Giacomo Civiletti, Piero Misuraca, Alessia Zammitti
Year: 2011
Length: 90 min.
Genre: Drama
Awards: 2 awards
  •Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Emerging Young Actor or Actress (Fabrizio Falco), Award for the Best Technical Contribution (Cinematography): Venice Film Festival
Showtimes: April 14, 5:45 p.m.
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