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  Teorema Venezia
Plot: Venice is pure romance. But the world’s most beautiful city turns into a ghost town at nightfall. Entire quarters, long since abandoned by their inhabitants, stand empty, their structures merely providing a myth to serve business interests.
Twenty million foreigners visited the city last year, an average of more than 50,000 per day. And this year there will be even more. By comparison, there are only 48,000 inhabitants, the same amount as they were after the Great Plague of 1438. And next year there will be even fewer residents. The city is becoming uninhabitable and its urban life has almost collapsed. 
The film shows what remains of Venetian life: a subculture of tourist service industries; a port, waiting to be expanded, for monstrous cruise ships; Venetians who are moving to the mainland as there are no longer affordable apartments to be found.
A Requiem for a still grand city.
Director: Andreas Pichler
Year: 2012
Length: 80 min.
Genre: Documentary
Times: April 12, 5:30 p.m.
    Film screened with English subtitles.
Distributor: Taskovski Films, London