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  il capitale umano
  "A potrait of tomorrow's Italy" - IL GIORNALE
Plot: Thirty-nine children, from Northern to Southern Italy, are interviewed in their own rooms: they describe them, letting their objects, pictures and furniture become part of their being.
The camera thus becomes the means to discover the world through the eyes of the children; to understand their take on "grownup stuff"; to discover their future projects, their dreams and their points of view on life's big issues; love, family, religion. The narrative allows a variety of differences between the children to emerge: cultures, background, personal history.
Ultimately, the children’s answers yield big lessons for the grownups. When the question goes, "What do you need in life to be happy?", one child has no doubts: "To dream".
Director: Walter Veltroni
Cast: Martina Allori, Davide Arseni, Rania Badane, Simone Bertolini, Tecla Briola, Gaia Buggiani, Luna Buggiani, Sofia Castelli, Vittorio Cerroni, Marius Cirpaci, Sabrina Civiltà, Patrizio Cuozzo, Annalisa Demaria, Piergiorgio Del Volgo, Caterina Dipace,Lorenzo Farina, Johan Ferruccio, Benedetta Fiore, Gabriele Gervasi, Giacomo Guarino, Daniel Hassan, Nathan Hassan, Winner Ibeh, Lisa La Delfa Hoedts, Michael Martini, Ilyas Mohamed, Chiara Murano, Alice Muzzi, Gabriele Panicucci, Barbara Pavia, Kevin Quinomez, Francesco Romanelli, Michele Salerno, Valerio Stancanelli, Diego Tiusaba, Davide Tonolotto, Matteo Tosto, Milo Venturoli, Giovanni Viberti
Year: 2015
Length: 100 min.
Genre: Documentary
Times: April 27, 7:00 p.m.
  Film screened with English subtitles.
Distributor: Courtesy of Palomar, Rome