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  Benvenuti al sud


  Alberto is the manager of a Post Office in a small town in northern Italy. Under pressure from his wife Silvia, he will do anything to get a transfer to Milan – even going so far as to pretend he is disabled to get higher up on the transfer list. But this trick doesn’t work and as a punishment he is transferred to a small town in the southern Campania region, which, for a person from the north, is a real nightmare. Full of prejudice, Alberto leaves to brave what he considers the land of camorra, full of lazy southerners. But, to his surprise, Alberto will instead find a fascinating place, with friendly colleagues, very hospitable people and a new best friend, the postman Mattia, who he will help to win the heart of the beautiful Maria.The problem is, however, how does he tell Silvia? Since he has left, not only has their relationship been reborn, but to the eyes of his friends in the north, Alberto has become a real hero!
Director: Luca Miniero
Cast: Claudio Bisio, Angela Finocchiaro, Alessandro Siani, Valentina Lodovini, Nando Paone, Giacomo Rizzo, Teco Celio, Fulvio Falzarano, Nunzia Schiano, Alessandro Vighi, Francesco Albanese, Riccardo Zinna, Naike Rivelli
Year: 2010
Length: 101 min.
Genre: Comedy
Awards: 3 awards & 14 nominations
  •Best Supporting Actress (Valentina Lodovini): David Donatello; Best Screenplay, Antica Fratta Award (Alessandro Siani): Nastri d'Argento della SNGCI
•Nominated Best Film, Best Director (Luca Miniero), Best Actress (Angela Finocchiaro), Best Actor (Claudio Bisio), Best Supporting Actor (Alessandro Siani), Best Music, Best Producer, Best Production Design, David of the Youth (Luca Miniero): David Donatello; Best Comedy, Best Actor (Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Siani), Best Actress (Angela Finocchiaro), Best Supporting Actress (Valentina Lodovini), Best Producer: Nastri d'Argento della SNGC
Showtimes: April 14, 5 p.m.; April 28 8 p.m.