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  Thirty-five year old Alice lives in a beautiful home north of Rome; she has a husband, a nine-year old son and three housekeepers. Her life seems a dream, but it will soon turn into a nightmare. Her entrepreneurial husband dies in an accident and his attorney explains to her that she is deep in debt. She must figure out a way to save her and her son from ruin, and the only way to make a lot of money in a short time is to turn to the oldest profession in the world. She searches for information on the Internet and finds someone who's been doing this job for years: Eva. Beautiful thirty-something Eva seems to be cynical and superficial. She will introduce Alice to her world. The two women will meet artists, politicians, businessmen, athletes and others who run the gamut of their clientele. But from all of the sadness a new friendship will be born.
Director: Massimiliano Bruno
Cast: Paola Cortellesi, Raoul Bova, Rocco Papaleo, Anna Foglietta, Caterina Guzzanti, Dario Cassini, Massimiliano Bruno, Giovanni Bruno, Hassan Shapi, Valerio Aprea, Pasquale Petrolo aka Lillo, Lucia Ocone, Awa Ly, Pietro De Silva
Year: 2011
Length: 95 min.
Genre: Comedy
Awards: 2 awards & 9 nominations
  •Best Actress (Paola Cortellesi): David di Donatello; Special Ribbon-Comedy: Nastri d'Argento della SNGCI
•Best Emerging Director, Best Supporting Actress (Anna Foglietta), Best Supporting Actor (Rocco Papaleo), Best Original Song: David di Donatello; Best Emerging Director, Best Actress (Paola Cortellesi), Best Supporting Actor (Raoul Bova), Best Supporting Actress (Anna Foglietta), Best Screenplay: Nastri d'Argento della SNGCI
Showtimes: Aprile 27, 5:30 p.m.
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