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  Two women, one an islander and one a foreigner: one turns upside down the life of the other. Yet they both have the same dream--a different future for their children on the mainland.

The Pucillo family lives on an island that is solidly anchored in time-honored traditions. Ernesto, who is 70 years-old, would like to stop time and not have to dismantle his fishing boat. His grandson, 20 year-old Filippo, lost his father to the sea and is caught between his grandfather Ernesto's time and that of his uncle Nino, who quit fishing to snare turists. His mother, Giulietta, is a young widow who feels that the unchangeable traditions of the island has rendered all strangers and offers no future for neither her nor her son Filippo. To live, one must find the courage to leave.

One day the sea carries into their lives other travelers, amongst whom are Sara and her son. Ernesto welcomes them: it is the ancient law of the sea. But the new laws of mankind does not permit it; as a result the Pucillo family must make a choice and change their lives forever.
Director: Emanuele Crialese
Cast: Filippo Pucillo, Donatella Finocchiaro, Mimmo Cuticchio, Giuseppe Fiorello, Martina Codecasa, Tiziana Lodato, Claudio Santamaria, Timnit T., Filippo Scarafia, Pierpaolo Spollon, Rubel Tsegay Abraha
Year: 2011
Length: 88 min.
Genre: Drama
Awards: 1 award & 8 nominations
  •Leoncino d'Oro Award-Special Mention for Cinema for UNICEF (Emanuele Crialese), Francesco Pasinetti Award (Emanuele Crialese), Special Jury Award (Emanuele Crialese): Venice Film Festival; Best Soundtrack: Nastri d'Argento della SNGCIl
•Nominated Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Donatella Finocchiaro): David Donatello; Director of the Best Film, Best Actress (Donatella Finocchiaro), Best Supporting Actor (Giuseppe Fiorello), Best Photography, Best Sound: Nastri d'Argento della SNGCI
Showtimes: April 27, 8:00 p.m
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